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Best of WW Recipes Cookbook - English Edition

Prepare delicious PersonalPoints®-friendly meals at home with this collection of 135 recipes.

The recipes in the cookbook show myWW+ SmartPoints values. With the launch of our new PersonalPoints System, you can still track all the recipes in the WW app, the new PersonalPoints value will appear based on your plan.

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Why We Love It

Simplify meal preparation with this Best of WW Recipes cookbook that gives you easy-to-follow instructions for creating delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Each recipe lists SmartPoints® per serving and basic nutritional information to help you make informed decisions about your meals. Details about prep time, cook time and the number of servings in each recipe make it easy to create tasty family meals.

Why You'll Love It

Portion control
Healthy Living

The Highlights

No matter where you're starting from or how much time you have, we’ll help you get moving toward your best self.

Tasty everyday recipes and tips for streamlining food preparation make this cookbook a must-have for convenient meal planning.
  • 135 recipes to cover multiple meals
  • Recipes separated by seasons for convenient planning
  • Recipe listing by SmartPoints® value to adapt into your WW plan
  • Nutritional and allergen information included with each recipe
  • Recipes include details about prep time, cook time and number of servings

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