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Grill & Chill

To get all that bold flavour and low-PersonalPoints® recipe action, you need an expert tool kit. We’ve got all the essentials!

The most fire grilling products

Nacho average snack

Your favourite go-to snack, this PersonalPoints-friendly alternative to nacho chip can't be beat.

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Discover a more delicious way to dunk your dessert with low PersonalPoints WW mini cookies! 

Summer Favourites

WW x Better’N Nut Butter Spreads

These creamy WW x Better’N Nut Butter Spreads has only 2 PersonalPoints and 1 gram of sugar per serving.

Snacking Made Easy

Light as Air, Big on Flavour

Keep our low-PersonalPoints™ puffs on hand for when snack time strikes. Will you grab iced cinnamon, chocolate drizzle, or both?

Shake It Up!

Level up your smoothies with our chocolate protein booster, now back in stock. Nutrition made easy and delicious with just 2 Personal Points each serving!