When the path isn't clear, we help you on your way.

Weight loss can be tricky, that's why we go beyond just what to eat and combine a weight-loss plan with 24/7 support to help you on your way.


Dig in cause nothing is off limits!

We want you to enjoy food in a way that will support your goals, without saying goodbye to anything you love.


Make your favourite foods part of your weight-loss program.


You don't have to sacrifice your social life for your weight-loss goals.

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So how do you do Weight Watchers?You decide.

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Weight Watchers meetings are a great way to stay focused with weekly inspiration and the kind of enthusiasm you can only get in person.



Weight Watchers Meetings are led by people who've succeeded on the program, so their expertise comes from real-life experience.


Share other people's experiences and perspectives to help overcome your own challenges.


We help you reach big goals breaking them down into smaller, more easily achieved accomplishments, both on and off the scale.

Smart strategies

Wherever your life takes you, we'll give you the tools to stay on track.

Talk a lot. Or not.

How much you talk in meetings is totally up to you, but you'll still leave motivated even if you don't say a word.


Take charge with a full suite of mobile apps and digital tools – an option available to our meeting members.

Weight WatchersOnline

Get our full suite of digital tools, apps, and even Cheat Sheets that help you make the plan fit your life.

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Not just another app

This is total online access to a proven Plan that lets you live your life while you lose the weight.

We've been there.

24/7 Chat with Canadian coaches who understand your challenges and have successfully reached their goals, and can provide support to make sure you feel encouraged and stay on track.

More choices. Not less.

With a database of more than 45,000 foods and 2,500 recipes, you'll find more food choices on Weight Watchers than you can possibly imagine.

Eating out? No problem.

Our apps and Cheat Sheets make it easy to order anywhere and still stay on track.

Articles, tips, videos.

With great features including videos, interactive tips, blogs, and articles, you'll find a ton of inspiration and education.

Online, not alone.

We have an active online community and a passionate Facebook fan base, so there's a whole lot of fun and support out there.

our plans,your choice!

Follow the Plan on your own terms, 100% online, backed by 24/7 expert chat support. Gain access to our full suite of digital tools and apps that are powered by a proven plan. Benefit from tools like comprehensive video learning and seamless activity tracking, and also connect with thousands of people online who are on your side, losing weight along with you.
with purchase of our 6-Month Savings Plan
Gain access to unlimited in-person meetings led by a trained Weight Watchers coach and enjoy the benefits of our online tools and mobile apps. You'll have support, encouragement and guidance from people who are facing similar challenges!
with purchase of our 6-Month Savings Plan

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