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The Weight Watchers approach vs. A “typical“ diet

Choosing the right weight-loss plan can be confusing. Many people do lose weight dieting, but most gain the weight back, and then some. In fact, most dieters gain all the lost weight back within 3 to 5 years.1
What Weight Watchers offers: When you’re on a “typical” diet you get:
An integrated approach emphasising good eating choices, healthy habits, a supportive environment and exercise. A focus just on food. Most “diets” tend to ignore exercise and other factors necessary for sustained weight loss.
A plan that allows you to eat what you like, with an emphasis on nutrition and advice on staying satisfied by choosing the foods you enjoy. Rigid rules you must follow to succeed or requirements that eliminate some foods entirely. Often, you must buy special foods from a specific diet company.
A sensible plan to help you lose weight at a healthy rate plus the knowledge and info you need to help you keep it off for good. Promises of rapid weight loss with little effort, but no information on how to keep the weight off for the long haul.
A time-tested approach informed by analysing years of scientific studies. “Proof” often based on one scientific study designed to support the diet’s claims.
A food plan that can adapt to any lifestyle or unique needs. Little consideration for you as an individual, with just one approach to suit everyone’s needs.
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1New England Journal of Medicine, from Wadden TA, Phelan S. Behavioral assessment of the obese patient. Stunkard AJ, eds. Handbook of obesity treatment. New York: Guilford Press, 2002:186-226.