No Longer Embarrassed

Rebecca after
Rebecca before
 “I’m no longer obese,” was a huge milestone for me. 
* People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.
Rebecca, a wife, mother and grandmother, was embarrassed by her weight. She was on blood pressure medication and was always feeling lethargic. At more than 210 pounds she subscribed to Weight Watchers Online and began following the Plan. Now she’s at goal and happier than ever.

I’d always been an active person. But due to stress eating and medications I was taking in the early '90s, I gained 80 pounds in about four years. My blood pressure was out of sight and I stopped doing the physical things I loved like long-distance bike riding, weight-lifting and hiking. After my daughter got married, I saw myself in her wedding pictures and I was horrified. I felt that I’d ruined her special day by looking the way I did. That was when I started trying all different fad diets to lose weight, but nothing was effective for the long term.

Socially, I didn’t like to go out because I could never find cute party dresses to fit me. I felt unattractive to my husband and embarrassing to my children. My legs and hips hurt all the time and I just had no stamina.

A stroke of good luck

I started working for a psychologist in 2005 who was also a Weight Watchers member. She encouraged me to give Weight Watchers a shot and became my at-work weight loss buddy and a great source of inspiration.

Why Online

The idea of having to be somewhere every week at a certain time was a bit off-putting to me. I’m a computer nerd by nature, so tracking online comes naturally to me. That Tracking is just so important. I notice that when I don’t track, my portion sizes grow and I tend to forget about some things that I eat throughout the day. I like watching the graph and the numbers going down before my eyes. I keep my tracker open all day on my computer. I love the Recipe of the Day and the message boards are fun, too. The fact that it’s available 24/7 is great. I never have to wait for an answer to a question. I just search the message boards. If you’re wondering about something, someone else has wondered the same thing before you.

Some setbacks

When my daughter went through her divorce, she and the grandkids came to live with my husband and me. I was doing a lot of emotional eating and eating a lot of chicken fingers and mac and cheese with the kids, not taking any time for myself for anything — especially exercise.

Then when I got back on track I made exercise a priority. I’ll walk on an incline on a treadmill for 30 minutes, three times a week. I do 20 minutes of weights two or three times a week. And I try (not always successfully) to do a Pilates mat workout a couple times a week. Sometimes I’ll ride my bike in nice weather.

Switching to the PointsPlus Program

At first I wasn’t sure about the PointsPlus Program because I love fruit and was afraid I would overindulge. But I find I haven’t changed the amount I eat. I have been having three pieces a day forever and that hasn’t changed. I feel that my “food education” has really come up to another level. The old plan made me super conscious of fats, fiber and sugar. Now I’m much more aware of carbs and proteins, so my diet has changed somewhat. I am eating much less bread, rice, pasta and starchy veggies, and more lean protein and green veggies and I think it is working better for me. Of course I still eat carbs, but I am much less likely to overdo them now. It really is designed to guide me toward eating the balance of foods that is most healthy for me. I don’t know how the Plan could get any better than this!

Getting to Goal

When I hit 199 pounds I told myself I’d never weigh more than 200 pounds ever again. Another great moment was getting to 159. That is the top of my healthy weight range.Just being able to say, “I’m no longer obese,” was a huge milestone for me.

I used to be ashamed for my husband to introduce me to friends. I thought they were thinking, “Why would a handsome man be married to such a dowdy overweight woman?” Not anymore! Now that I’m at goal, I feel so much more attractive to my husband. Now I have energy for my grandkids. And now I’m so much more confident in my personal and professional life.

Rebecca’s Tips
  • Give yourself time — especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. If you’re starting in January with 50+ pounds to lose and you tell yourself you have to be looking great in a bikini by June, imagine your frustration when May rolls around and you’re not near your goal. Even if you’ve had great progress you’ll feel like a failure.
  • Get rid of clothes when they get too big. Having them around “just in case” is like a crutch, giving you permission to gain.