Coming Out of the Dark
Christina after
Christina before

“It took me nearly two-and-a-half years to lose the weight, but each day was a discovery.”

Christina lost weight with a prior Weight Watchers program

There are many difficulties that come from carrying over 100 pounds of extra weight as a young person. Christina decided that she couldn’t pay that price any longer.

At more than 100 pounds overweight I truly felt as if I wasn’t participating in my own life. I didn’t really know myself and felt both embarrassed and shy around others. I found that I was simply invisible to others. It was amazing how people could look through the largest person in the room.

Invisible Me
I spent a lifetime playing victim to the harshness of others biases toward me because of my weight. My lack of confidence left me unable to defend myself as I took beating after beating. Small injustices, such as attending baseball games knowing that people next to me were unable to comfortably sit in their seats, started to be more than I could bear.

I began to notice that I was sick all the time. I found myself with a different cold or flu every month. Just as I would start to feel better, I’d turn around and get sick again. I started to think that something more was wrong with me.

Diabetes Scare
Finally I started talking to some of my close friends about the endless illnesses and how thirsty I was all the time. I just couldn't get enough liquid in my system. They informed me that excessive thirst could be a symptom of diabetes. This freaked me out, as I was definitely a prime candidate for the disease even though I was only 26 years old.

I went to get tested and was expecting the worst. I found myself wondering why I was I making life so hard on myself. The test came back negative and I knew that day would change my life forever. I called my best friend and she accompanied me as I joined Weight Watchers meetings and started following the POINTS® Weight-Loss System. I never looked back!

Slow and Steady
I jumped into the process with both feet. It took me nearly two-and-a-half years to lose the weight, but each day was a discovery. During that time I discovered that some things should just not be optional. It was never an option not to drink my water or not to get in my exercise for the week. I get myself to work everyday, without considering it an option, so why would it be optional to do the other things that come along with taking good care of myself?

Beginning an exercise routine was difficult. I knew I had to start slow. I decided a 15-minute daily walk would suffice at the beginning. I built up from there. The best thing about the plan was that I never looked at it as a diet, but as a way of life. I didn't have the "I blew my diet" mindset if I went over my POINTS values for the day. I may not have been very happy, but I told myself that tomorrow would be a new day and I would get a fresh start. That kept me going during rough times.

In retrospect, I feel that I have made the realization that weight loss is about the mind, body and soul. By taking the time to understand what it was that I was hiding from in my 285-pound body and overcoming those obstacles I am better equipped to maintain the loss and move forward with my life. Now I have all the tools necessary to continue my lifelong journey.

Christina’s Tips
  • Use zip-top bags! I used them to portion out food, writing POINTS values on the front to remind myself just what I was eating.
  • Box half of your meal before picking up the fork to take your first bite when dining out. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • I keep a bottle of vitamins on my desk and another bottle in my purse. If you keep them in sight, it's easier to remember to take them.
  • Order first when dining out—there will be less temptation from hearing what others order.
  • Work out with a buddy, you’ll make yourself accountable.
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