Science Library: Health and Weight

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The Benefits of a Supportive Environment
Support plays a significant role in an individual's food choices as well as levels of physical activity.

Expectations and Plateaus
Expectations about how much weight can be lost as well as the speed with which it can be lost affect the weight-loss process.

Impact of Weight Loss on the Family
Research shows that weight loss can provide health benefits not only for the individual shedding excess pounds but also for the family.

The Predictors of Successful Weight Loss
Predictors have been summarised for both initial weight loss and sustained weight loss.

Lasting Weight Loss for New Moms
Just about every woman wants to be able to wear her pre-pregnancy wardrobe after giving birth, but research shows that losing the baby weight is important for long-term health as well.

The Science Behind Self-Monitoring
Experts in the field of weight loss have found that when self-monitoring is used on a regular basis, the likelihood of weight-loss success increases.

Planning for Weight Loss
Planning ahead to establish patterns that encourage healthy eating and regular exercise can benefit weight loss.

The Skill of Flexible Restraint
Key to successful weight loss is an eating plan that provides structure without overly tight restrictions.

Weight and the Workplace
A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that there is a definite connection between weight and work.

Parental Involvement – Key to Weight Loss in Kids
Parents have tremendous power to create a lifestyle and environment that helps children maintain a healthy weight long term.

Body Weight and Diabetes
The increased incidence of diabetes around the world is directly linked to the rate of weight gain globally, but research shows even modest weight loss can make a big difference.

Gender Differences in the Health Risks of Obesity
While excess weight is linked to poor health and a greater risk of disease in men and women, there are some gender differences.

Sleep and its Role in Weight Management
Not getting enough sleep has many negative effects on health and has also been linked to weight gain and obesity.

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