Science Library: Achieving a Sustainable Weight Loss

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Cutting Calories: Portion Control, Energy Density
Two credible weight-loss methods to cut calories are portion control and energy density.

The Science behind the PointsPlus™ Program
The Weight Watchers approach delivers a science-based, lifestyle modification program based on 4 pillars— diet, physical activity, positive thinking skills and a community of support.

Breakfast and Weight Management
A growing body of research suggests that eating breakfast is a successful strategy for lasting weight loss.

Calories and Kids
The diets that kids eat are different from adults. In the U.S., the typical child's diet is high in fat and foods that provide a lot of calories in relation to their nutritional value.

Eating Satisfaction
The body systems that regulate appetite, hunger and satiety are quite complex.

Introduction to the Glycemic Index
Making food choices based on the GI can help in the treatment of diabetes and cholesterol.

Dairy Foods and Weight Management
The relationship between dairy food consumption and weight loss is an active area of investigation.

Creating a Healthy-Weight Environment
Greater attention to factors that affect food intake and physical activity patterns can help create a healthy-weight environment.

Macronutrient Recommendations
A diet that is balanced in macronutrients can reduce risk of disease and foster lasting weight loss.

Glycemic Index and Weight Loss
Experts disagree on the connection between a high or low GI diet and weight loss.

Health Benefits of Dairy Foods
There has been a great deal of research on dairy products to explore potential roles in promoting health and preventing disease.

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