Science Library: Healthy Nutrition

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Organic Foods
Organic foods are growing in popularity, but there is still confusion as to whether they are more nutritious and safer than conventional food.

Salt: Why Less is More for this Essential Nutrient
The evidence is clear that the higher the intake of salt and other sodium-containing foods, the higher the blood pressure.

Are You Ready? Introduction to Behaviour Change
Understanding how people make behavioural changes is key to helping modify their lifestyle in positive ways.

Whole Grains
Whole grains receive much attention for their health benefits, but what exactly are whole grains, and why are they so nutritious?

Types of Exercise
A comprehensive exercise plan includes aerobic, flexibility and resistance components.

Soy – Simple Bean or Superfood?
Soy has gained considerable attention as a nutritional "superfood" over the past two decades with hundreds of studies conducted to ascertain its potential role in promoting health and preventing disease.

Eating Satisfaction and Appetite Control
Food does a lot more than provide nutrients. The good feeling that comes from a satisfying meal, called satiety, is one of life's simple pleasures. But the body systems that regulate appetite, hunger and satiety are quite complex.

Probiotics and Prebiotics
As the potential health benefits of probiotics and prebiotics have come to light in recent years, many people are interested in learning what they are, how they work and the strength of the science behind the claims.

Avoiding Exercise-Related Injury
A regular regimen of physical activity is an important part of maintaining long-term weight loss, but it's important to follow certain precautions before beginning an exercise routine.

Exercise Recommendations for Calorie-Burning Activity
The amount of exercise that's right for you depends on the health goal you are trying to achieve.

Plateaus and Physical Activity
Increasing physical activity can help break through a weight-loss plateau.

Body Weight and Exercise
Does exercise alone work as a weight-loss method?

Health Benefits of Exercise
Despite the many health benefits of physical activity, most people do not get enough exercise.

Exercise Intensity Levels
Exercise intensity can be defined in several ways, including by heart rate.

Exercise and Preventing Weight (Re)Gain
Exercise is one of the best predictors of weight-loss maintenance.

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