Science and Weight Watchers

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One More Reason To Exercise
A recent study finds that regular exercise decreases the deeper-down fat that pads the internal organs, known as visceral fat.

Weight Watchers Approach Yields Greater Weight Loss than Self-help Approach
Internet-based information, free or inexpensive mobile apps, and social media have made it appealing for many people to attempt weight loss on their own. However, research findings from a Baylor College of Medicine study in the American Journal of Medicine, found that a community-based weight loss intervention, specifically Weight Watchers, is more effective than a self-help approach.1

Social Support and Lasting Weight Loss
The help and encouragement of other people is linked to lasting weight loss.

The Protein Perspective
Fat was once thought to be the fill-you-up nutrient, but a growing body of research shows that protein may have the edge.

New Study Looks at Weight Watchers
A recent study supports other research showing that the Weight Watchers approach produces medically significant improvements in weight and several health parameters over 12 weeks.

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